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Who We Are

Feathers, Fate & Steel is a mobile boutique and collective showcasing carefully curated clothing, jewelry and accessories from indie designers around the world; including a future line of our own. Our brand was inspired by our shared love of travel, timeless pieces, and amazing artists we've met along the way.  We offer an eclectic collection of quality goods, often handmade and one-of-a-kind, mixed in with rare pieces we've collected on our wayward travels. Feathers, Fate & Steel was born from the lifestyle of the gypsy jet setter, an ode to days of endless summers, and we want to share and inspire that within our customers. 

We are a family business started by two sisters and their mother. Having grown up traveling the world, endlessly collecting beautifully crafted handmade goods and stories to go with them, we found it impossible to imagine opening a brick and mortar store. We wanted to be able to go to our customers, bring our closet with us, and share the spirit of adventure and a unique experience with them. 

We've finally cut the proverbial red tape to our online store and are excited to be able to start reaching out to customers before we hit the road. At the same time we are in the final stages of restoring our beautiful 1946 Spartan Manor and decking it out to be our gypsy caravan closet. Soon after, we plan on taking the ol' girl across the country to collect and be apart of more stories and inspiration. We are also in the midst of creating our own line of boho wear including jewelry, gorgeous silk limited edition kimonos and our own hand drawn designer tees. 

 We can't wait to get on the road, so keep your ear to the street and we'll be coming to a town near you soon!